Advisor - Mrs Laura Ellis

(334) 243-5590

Please use this form to reserve ad space in the yearbook. 



Please use this form to order a yearbook. Yearbooks are $20.


This year the procedure for reserving ad space and ordering yearbooks has, necessarily, been changed. Instead of submitting paperwork and payment by student delivery, we are asking for digital submissions of information. The digital forms located above will be the primary way to place orders for ad space and actual books. This will help us to begin preparation of the yearbook without delay. 

The original forms are listed above in the documents section, and parents may print these forms to include with payment. The paper copies may also be scanned and emailed to Mrs. Ellis. However, please consider the online form as the primary submission. 

The actual production of the book, timing of delivery, and available options will remain the same. We will continue to include wonderful yearbook pages for the full school year. We recognize the differences this school year includes; however, the yearbook staff is committed to providing an excellent memory book for our students, staff, parents, and community!

2019 - 2020 Banks School Yearbook

We will again have a “summer print” yearbook.  We are able to include activities that are held in the spring such as Kindergarten graduation, 8th grade graduation, honor’s programs, field days, etc.  It also offers us a chance to have a FULL COLOR yearbook at basically the price of a black & white.  Books will arrive in August.

We will be able to order the exact number needed (we do have a small minimum to meet) so that means that only those prepaying will be guaranteed a yearbook.  NO EXTRAS WILL BE GUARANTEED. 



Yearbook Ads



NO ads will be taken after these dates … NO exceptions!!!




Our yearbook will be completed on-line.   Pictures may be submitted by e-mail, disk, and/or other computer memory devices.  Pictures will work best if taken by a camera or a high quality phone.  Please make sure that you send a few options just in case the quality doesn’t work on your first choice(s).  Avoid cropping and resizing pictures.  That can be done on the program we use without hurting picture quality.  Pictures may be emailed to the following: .  A confirmation reply will be sent.  If you don’t receive one, please contact the school immediately.  Before an ad will be "added" to the yearbook, both the payment and completed form along with any pictures must be submitted.


Full page ads are $50 and may include 3 photos w/message.


Half page ads are $25 and may include 2 photos w/message.


Quarter page ads are $15 and may include 1 photo w/20 character max message.